MediaTek Opens Up Cloud Sandbox To Help Developers Test New Wearable and Internet of Things Products

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Today during Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, MediaTek Labs have announced the general availability of its new Cloud Sandbox platform. This data platform is designed to better help developers bring their Internet of Things (IoT) ideas to live. The Cloud Sandbox platform is free to all registered MediaTek Labs members across the world and provides the convenient storage of and access to data from wearable and IoT devices during the prototype stages. The benefit to developers is that they won’t need to invest time, money and energy setting up and managing their own web server, or sourcing third party cloud platform services, whilst working on IoT or wearable devices. This should reduce the time it takes to bring a product from the prototype or proof-of-concept stage to the market because it means the development team can concentrate on developing the product rather than administering the back office systems.

MediaTek have recognized that the management of large amount of data, plus ways to visualize and demonstrate the data obtained, is a considerable challenge for developers. MediaTek Cloud Sandbox will help solve the problem by offering data storage and visual charting, data monitoring (including notifications), remote control of devices, over the air firmware upgrades, web or mobile application access and RESTful API support including TCP socket connection.

MediaTek are at MWC this coming week and have three demonstrations of the Cloud Sandbox for you to take a look at. The first one is the Wind Brewer, which uses a MediaTek LinkIt ONE development board and won the first price in the ITRI Mobilehero 2014 competition in Taiwan. The second demonstration also uses the same LinkIt ONE development board for a real time Weather Station; it pushes real time temperature, humidity and pressure data to the MediaTek Cloud Sandbox and can have its fan controlled from either the mobile web or an application. The third demonstration uses the MediaTek LinkIt Connect 761 development board, together with a companion mobile app; this may be used to demonstrate real time LED color control.

Are you a registered MediaTek Labs member and are you working on a wearable or Internet of Things project? Could the MediaTek Cloud Sandbox be a useful tool? If so, let us know in the comments below.