Live Streaming App Periscope Is Finally Launched By Twitter


If you’ve payed any attention to technology news lately then chances are, you’ve heard of a little app called Meerkat. Meerkat is a livestreaming app that is available on iOS only and lets users broadcast anything their heart desires. The best part is that the app lets you tie into Twitter via your Twitter account. This allows any replies to your Twitter account while you are streaming to pop up directly on your stream so that you can see them. But if you remember, a while back Twitter purchased a company by the name of Periscope that specialized in exactly what Meerkat does, livestreaming.

Twitter has been adding many new features to their app lately and then they purchased Periscope back in January for $100 million. They have been beta testing the service ever since. Now, today they have released the Periscope app into the wild for anybody to use, if they’ve got an iPhone, that is.

To use Periscope all you need to do is download the app and then start streaming, the link to your streams can be shared on Twitter just like Meerkat. Speaking of Meerkat again, Periscope should have the company shaking in their boots because now they have a big competitor to deal with. The odds of both services coexisting in the same space are very slim. Since both services sort of hitch a ride on Twitter, Periscope already has a huge uper-hand actually being a Twitter product. But on the other hand, Meerkat has already had a chance to get somewhat established and popular. At the moment, Meerkat already has over 400,000 users and its estimated worth is quickly climbing.

Despite the two services being largely the same, they do work in pretty different ways as well. Unlike Meerkat, any comments on a Periscope stream must be made from within the Periscope app itself. Likes are handled even more differently in Periscope, there is no like button, instead users tap the screen to make hearts appear and the person streaming can see this on their side. Watchers can do this as many times as they please.

It will be very interesting to see how Periscope and Meerkat play together in the same space. Like we mentioned above, both apps have their advantages. But one thing we can guarantee will give one of the apps a huge advantage is whichever one makes it to Android first.