LG's New Flagship Could be the LG G4 Note


Samsung and HTC have already made their splash at MWC for the first part of the year, but we are still waiting to hear something from LG.  We know that their new G4 flagship is coming in April or May, but other than rumors, promises and press renderings we are waiting for the facts.  LG decided not to showcase their LG G4 at MWC and fight for stage time with Samsung and HTC, even though it is one of the most anticipated devices this year.  However, LG's new mobile business chief Cho Ju-no did hint at MWC there would be another device coming out later this year – we know that LG applied for a trademark for the G4 Note name and it could possibly be the 5.8-inch device that went through the FCC.

CEO Cho did say that their next smartphone, the LG G4, would be released in the second quarter of 2015 and that a "higher-end product" than the G4 would be released in the second half of the year.  LG would love to come out with a phablet to compete against the Samsung Galaxy Note series.  LG has already tried with their Optimus G Pro and G Pro 2, but had to drop them from their line-up as they were merely taking sales from their own flagship.  Cho said during the MWC, "The firm will grab the third place in terms of sales in the global mobile market.  The upcoming premium phones would help it obtain that spot."

LG received rave reviews of its LG G3 – the first massed produced device with the Quad HD (QHD) display with a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels and a great camera with Laser autofocus.  LG has already shipped about 7 million of the G3…released in May 2014…and expects to sell close to a total of 10 million thru this year.  With the G4's improvements, they are sure to have another winner on their hands.  But LG still would like to crack the phablet market and there is no reason for them not too, however, they need to approach that market differently.


Samsung carved out a unique niche with a product that many laughed at when the first Galaxy Note was introduced in 2012.  Each year improvements were made and the device was refined, not to mention that many drawing, photo and office-style applications hit the Play Store to support the device and its S-Pen.  Now it is selling tens-of-millions of the Note series each year.  LG needs to add an onboard stylus, or it is just another big phone.  They also need to have 'note-like' applications ready for the device to let potential customers know how it can be a useful tool…beyond just being a smartphone.  Lastly, LG must market and advertise it differently so it will not cannibalize sales from the LG G4.  If the LG G4 Note is indeed the name…that is a great beginning.

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