LG Sets High Sales Target with the G4 – 10 Million

March 9, 2015 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Some of you may remember last year with the LG G3, that LG had planned on shipping 10 million units. Well this year, they are looking to sell that many. Lets take a minute and remind everyone the difference between selling and shipped. Shipped units are those that are sent to retailers and carriers, many of which may or may not get sold. Those sold ones are the numbers that really count, in my opinion. As manufacturers can ship as many devices as they want, but if they don’t get sold, do those numbers really matter?

So before LG has even announced the LG G4, they think they can sell 10 million units. I think it’s possible. I don’t have any precise figures as to what the LG G3 did – we’re hearing between 6 and 7 million units sold – but if they improve on the LG G3 in all the areas that need it, I think they could have a really great smartphone there. Really the only complaints I’ve seen are the battery and display.

We’re expecting the LG G4 to be announced at some point in the next few months. As LG has typically looked at doing their G2, and G3 events separate from trade shows. This way they get all of the press, and all of the attention. Instead of what happened with HTC last week. Where Samsung out-shined them less than two hours after their press event was over with.

LG has also said that they are looking to revamp their UI, and will actually announce that before the LG G4. I’m actually a bit excited for that. While I didn’t totally hate the Optimus UI on the LG G3, it could have been better. How many of you think that LG can hit their sales target of 10 million with the LG G4? Who thinks that LG is out of their mind? Be sure to let us know in the comments down below.