LG Outs Their Next Flagship Event, Will Unveil The LG G4 On April 28th

LG G4 Event Invite

While Samsung and HTC are set to launch their 2015 flagship devices, LG has yet to set a date for anything regarding the LG G4. There have been no official announcements on when the device would launch, nor have they unveiled the phone to the public. When it comes to announcements, however, LG has just officially outed when they plan show off their latest and greatest smartphone, the LG G4. LG  asks consumers to save the date for April 28th as they hold their next flagship event, when they finally plan to unveil the phone to the public.

Up until now, all there is to be known or see in regards to the LG G4 are leaks, renders, and specifications rumors which all but give anything up about what to expect from the LG G4 when it launches. So far the rumors have stated that LG will potentially launch the G4 with a metal body design instead of a plastic shell like they have with both the LG G2 and the LG G3, and that it would be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor and come with a 15MP rear-facing camera. What we can probably expect to see is a Quad-HD screen as they have already used this type of display tech on both the LG G3 from last year as well as the recently released LG G Flex 2. There isn’t much to know right now in terms of official details, but come April 28th LG will be unveiling the G4, which is when consumers can probably expect to learn about full hardware specifications, pricing and availability.