LG May Add a Fingerprint Scanner to the LG G4

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This year at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain we were introduced to several mobile devices. The two major announcements coming from Samsung and HTC. Absent from the list of manufacturers announcing new flagship devices was LG. However, LG is set to announce its new line of smartphones in the second half of 2015. It is not fully clear what new features the LG G4 will have, but according to The Korea Herald (source link below), an anonymous source has made claims that LG will include a fingerprint sensor on the LG G4. The scanner will sit on the power button that again will be located on the back of the device just like the LG G3 and the LG G2. LG reportedly left out the fingerprint scanner in the LG G3 because of a lack of available sensors as well as they felt that the technology, and supporting technology such as mobile payment was not ready or not fully able to be taken advantage of. Now LG is poised to include the scanner on its new line of smartphones. It is also rumored that LG will be looking to add a mobile payment service, similar to Samsung and Apple for their new device.

While the LG G3 has received many accolades, it did not go unnoticed by many consumers that the flagship device with all of its amazing features was lacking a fingerprint scanner like the iPhone and Samsung devices. LG decided to adopt its popular knock code as its added security measure. Now that the mobile payment space is heating up, LG seems ready to make a move on its share of the mobile payment space.

While we should note that until LG makes an official announcement, these are still considered speculation. Though this move would seem very logical for the LG G4 and perhaps the other new line of phones that LG has been hinting about. If this speculation is true, LG will finally sport a feature that is fast becoming the standard for high-end phones. If they wish to enter the mobile payment sector on the same level as Samsung and Apple, then they must include this sensor with their premium high-end devices. We will know soon enough when LG unveils this device in the latter half of the year. Until then we will have to wait and see if this feature will make it into the LG G4 or LGs reported new line of mobile smartphone devices.