LG LS751 User Agent Profile Gives Model, RAM, and ROM to New Mystery Sprint Phone

March 16, 2015 - Written By Phil Bourget

We have seen many a leaked model numbers of possible LG G4 variants, from AT&T to Asia, as well as the release of the G Flex 2, even coming to the possibility of a G4 Note featuring a stylus.  But, with the high-end devices coming in droves, the mid-range is often forgotten unless something radical is done with them like the Sharp Aquos Crystal last year which featured a bezel-free display.  Now, we might have something to fill in the mid-range of Sprint’s ranks.  Meet the LS751.

Well, not the device itself, but the user agent profile, courtesy of MyLGPhones, is what we have to look at for the moment.  The profile shows the model number, the LS751 as mentioned before, but it also lets us see the RAM and internal storage for this device.  The RAM, according to the profile, is a full gigabyte, whereas the internal storage is listed as 4 gigabytes.  There is also the mention of the expandability of storage by up to 32 gigabytes, so that’s always nice to see, especially on mid-range devices.  So, what could this device be?

This could be one of LG’s new Lollipop-clad mid-range, mid-tier devices, which would be likely arriving at Sprint thanks to Sprint’s parent company, Softbank which Japan’s largest carrier.  The Lg LS751 could possibly be one of the four device LG announced and showed off at Mobile World Congress.  The device it could most likely end up being is the LG Joy, but with twice the amount of RAM to cope with Sprint’s network and software(s).  The Joy is reported to have either a dual-core or a quad-core processor clocked at 1.2Ghz, as well as slightly varying specifications depending on the market it will launch in.  The display is a 480 by 800 pixel panel, and it’s also the only device LG set free at Mobile World Congress that didn’t feature the back-mounted keys.  The battery is supposed to be 1900 mAh, and the phone will likely have a 5-and-VGA back-front camera arrangement.  And, unlike the other three devices, the Joy has a possibility of coming with the slightly-dated Android 4.4.4 Kit Kat instead of 5.0 Lollipop as its operating system.

As more comes out, we’ll hopefully uncover just what this, and the other two (the LS665 and LS770) mystery devices for LG and Sprint in 2015.  Does this kind of mid-range phone have a place in today’s market, not among the tech geeks, but among the people that simple need to get a working phone?  Do you think that the LS751 will be a helpful device to have in Sprint’s roster, or is it going to be one of those devices that weighs down both the success and quality of the carrier that already isn’t having the best luck?  Let us know down below.