LG To Announce A New Flagship Line Of Devices In The Second Half Of 2015


The Head of LG Electronics' Mobile division revealed some details regarding the G4 handset, and company's upcoming processors in a recent interview. Just as we covered that news, another interesting report came our way. As LG is preparing to launch the all-new G4 flagship, it seems like they're planning something else for the second half of this year in order to compete with the new iPhone and the Galaxy Note 5. According to this new report, LG is planning to release a completely new line of devices, a new flagship line if you will. This probably won't replace the G line, but it will be on par with LG's flagship line, or even above it.

This information comes from the same person who shed some light on the G4 and LG's upcoming processors, Cho Juno. He did not reveal any details regarding the upcoming line of devices though, we still don't know how will these new devices differentiate from the G line. We can only guess at this point, but LG either plans to release a new premium phablet line (perhaps a Galaxy Note 4 stylus-equipped competitor?), or they intend to do something odd and unexpected, like they did with the release of the initial G Flex. Samsung's recently-launched Galaxy S6 Edge handset managed to catch people's attention, so perhaps LG is preparing something different as well in order to appeal to consumers.


Either way we spin this, you can expect something interesting out of LG's camp later this year. Make sure to let us know what you think regarding all this, do you think that LG will release the Galaxy Note competitor of sorts, or something innovative and unexpected? The Note route is quite possible considering the fact that the company's G Pro series is allegedly dead, so this might be a replacement of sorts or something. Either way, let us know what you think in the comments below, we'd love to hear what's your mind, as always.

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