Latest Leak Puts Purported HTC One M9+ Next to Original



For some time now, we've been hearing about the HTC One M9+, which was previously known as the Hima Ultra, the Hima Ace Plus and so on. It's hard to keep track of these devices and rumors, especially considering we were expecting a launch of the HTC One M9+ by now, and have yet to see it materialize. It was rumored to be launched alongside the original HTC One M9 during HTC's press conference at the beginning of this month in Barcelona, but that didn't happen. Since then, we've heard more rumors about the device, and there's even word that it could have been cancelled or a device that was just a concept and nothing more.


The latest leak to appear comes courtesy of @OnLeaks and shows us what looks like the HTC One M9 side-by-side what's basically the same phone, but a little bit larger. Aside from the fact these two devices look extremely similar, the HTC One M9+ appears to have a fingerprint sensor on the front of the device as well as a second camera around the back to form a DuoCamera setup similar to that used in last year's HTC One M8. According to recent rumors, the HTC One M9+is to feature a 5.2-inch Quad HD display, an upgrade over the original's 5.0-inch Full HD panel. As well as this, there's of course the second camera around back as well as a fingerprint sensor, and a MediaTek CPU under-the-hood. According to another recent leak, the One M9+ would measure 5.94 x 2.85 x 0.4 inches (150.9 x 72.5 x 10.15 mm) which is quite a bit different to the 144.6 x 69.7 x 9.6 mm (5.69 x 2.74 x 0.38 in) of the original.

Whether or not the HTC One M9+ will ever see the light of day remains unknown at this point, thanks to numerous leaks and speculation, nobody knows whether this device is real or even a planned device for the second half of the year. A device like this however could do well for HTC, with many looking upon the HTC One M9 as nothing but a small update over last year's model. Extra features and a Quad HD display could persuade more people to jump onboard, especially if they felt the One M9 isn't up to standard.

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