J.D. Power Network Report Shows Verizon Scoring Best In All Areas And AT&T Regaining Second Spot


A new report released today by J.D. Power looks to produce information on how well the big four carriers are doing. More to the point, it looks to decipher which of them have the fewest issues from the consumer perspective. In decided these factors, the study looks at ten key problem areas that are likely to be enunciated as a customer. These include dropped calls (or not connect), audio issues, late text message notifications, Web connection errors and so on. Of course, carrier experience can be highly dependent on location and as such, the data obtained is taken from six geographical areas including the Northeast, Northwest, Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, Southwest and West and was scored over the July to December period of 2014

It might not comeĀ as too much of a surprise that the overall results Verizon ranked the best of all four carriers in all six reasons. Verizon have done well in these tests before and seem to be continuing to do so. In particular, Verizon fared best in call quality, messaging quality and data quality. In terms of regions, Verizon scored the best in Mid-Atlantic and Southwest, with their score in the Southwest significantly better than the other three carriers (and the area average). Keeping in mind, that best means the least issues noted and not necessarily the best quality. Following in second place, AT&T scored well on all areas and came in second across the board. This does a reflect a change from last year in which T-Mobile had begun to see some gains over AT&T.


Following on, T-Mobile generally did come in a consistent third across the board with their number of issues noted consistently lower than Sprint Nextel's. Although, it is worth noting that T-Mobile only came in third in five of the six noted areas. In the North Central region Sprint outperformed T-Mobile, although only barely. It is also worth pointing out that irrespective of T-Mobile performing better than Sprint in five of the six areas, they both performed less than what was considered the average for the area in all six regions. In contrast, Verizon and AT&T performed above the average (or in AT&T's case, sometimes equal to the average) in all areas. You can check out the full report including detailed figures for all areas by clicking the source link below.

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