Invites Being Sent Out For Inbox To Google Apps Accounts Reportedly A Mistake

March 19, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

Google’s new take on email that helps users get things done, known as Inbox, has been out and available pending an invite for personal accounts for months, but Google had yet to start enabling the use of Inbox with Google Apps accounts. Last month Google’s head of Chrome and Android Sundar Pichai hinted that in the near future, Google Apps compatibility with Inbox was on the way, which led us to yesterday when a handful of Google Apps administrator accounts apparently started to receive invites to use the app and merge their work Gmail into the application along with personal accounts.

At the time it was unclear whether or not Google had started the process of a slow roll out for selected Google Apps accounts to begin testing and perfecting the integration, but according to The Next Web it appears that Google may not have been quite ready to send out those invites and accounts who had been receiving access weren’t supposed to have their administrator accounts enabled. A number of those Google Apps accounts this morning started receiving notifications from Google’s Inbox team stating that invites were sent out in error and that they apologize for any confusion. Those accounts who had previously received invites to turn on Inbox for Google Apps are apparently having those invites reversed for the time being, although this seems to only apply to some accounts, with some others still having access that began yesterday.

The Next Web reports that things appear to be working for users on the free version of Google Apps accounts while those subscribing to a paid Google Apps account seem to have access locked out even after the invites went through. As some of the invites are apparently legitimate while others were mistakenly sent out to users who weren’t yet chosen to be part of the program, Google may not actually be far off from turning things on for Google Apps accounts officially. We know that Inbox for Google Apps is close at hand, there is just no confirmation from Google as to how close at hand that may be.