Intelligent Homescreen App Bento Enters Private Beta And Seeks to Compete with Google Now

March 11, 2015 - Written By Stephen Sard

A new home screen application called Bento has launched today. Created by the startup Bento Labs this home screen replacement app seeks to make your life easier by providing you with relevant information right when you need it the most. The application seeks to compete with Google Now and hopes to make the user experience much better for the consumer by providing better and more relevant information.

The company is headed by chief executive Nikhil Chandhok, who worked for Google, and now has $2 million in the coffers to get this app off the ground. What is different about this app is that it takes all your applications and will learn from your experience with them to provide you the information that you need at a time when you will need it most. For example, if you are listening to a music application such as Spotify, it will display the song lyrics in case you want to sing along or direct you to other resources that will provide you with more detailed information about the song, the artist, suggestions for similar music or even possibly offer up the music video via YouTube. You can also receive location information such as suggestions for a place to eat on apps such as Yelp, or you can get a ride to another location using Uber. The home screen app will also take your existing applications and sort them automatically for you based on the type of app it is. For example, applications such as Pandora, Google Play Music, Spotify and the like would be placed in the music folder. Things such as Yelp or OpenTable would be placed in the food category and so forth. This is how the application seeks to save users time, by making everything a convenient experience. It will also have the usual weather, calendar, and sports information.

The application is currently in private beta. You can go to their website (source link below) and sign up to be placed on the waiting list to try out Bento. The company is looking to add more software applications to help its users and provide them with information that they need. As of right now, the application currently supports SoundCloud, YouTube, Reddit, SeatGeek, Uber and Yelp and hopefully more will be available as the application moves towards release. If you manage to get in on the beta, let us know what your first impressions are of this app on our Google+ page or in the comment section below.