If You Need An Inbox by Gmail Invite Then Download The Google Calendar In The Next 24 Hours


Back in October of last year, Google launched a new email client for android devices dubbed 'Inbox by Gmail'. At first, some worried that this might be replacing Gmail. Although, it was soon after clarified that the two were essentially going to be offered as standalone applications. More recently, Inbox has begun to hit the headlines again the service is looking to become more integrated with other platforms and apps. Last month, came the news that Inbox is now compatible with far more browsers like Safari and Firefox and this was followed soon after by the news that the email client will be compatible with Google for Work accounts,.

However, Inbox has always needed an invite to be used. This has been the case since the client launched and still remains the case. How to get an invite. Well, two ways. Either email Google asking for one (and join the waiting list) or ask someone who is already using the service and has a spare invite to give you. That said, there has also been a third way and that is to take advantage of various limited time offers Google has routinely made available. Well, if you are after an invite then they are currently in one of those offering moods.


According to a Gmail Google+ post (source link below) which has just been sent out, Google are celebrating the launch of the Google Calendar for iPhone. As part of the celebration, Google are offering all android (and iPhone users) the ability to bag a free invite. The only catch is that you need to have the Google Calendar installed on your device. If you have yet to install Google Calendar, then you can by clicking here. Once the calendar is installed, you just need to email [email protected] and you will receive an invite tomorrow. If you are already using the Google Calendar, then just sent the email. It should be noted, as well as having the Google Calendar installed you do need to send the email from an @gmail address. Other than that, you have the next 24 hours to send the email. Will you be taking advantage of this offer? Already using Inbox? Let us know.

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