If You Need Additional Battery Power, It May Be Worth Asking Vacuum Cleaner Company Dyson


As smartphones become more complex and function-able, they also become extremely hungry. Power hungry that is. Smartphones are quickly becoming high power consumptive devices, requiring more and more juice to keep them powered over longer periods. Of course, one method which has becoming prevalent recently is the idea of including in smartphones larger mAh batteries. However, with this method, comes the other issue of how to increase the capacity of the battery without increasing size. After all, as well as also becoming more complex and power-hungry, smartphones are also becoming lighter and thinner. Another option is to download another app which utilizes battery power, however, there is always something profoundly strange with installing more features to use less power.

Well, if you live in the UK then you will be well aware of a company called Dyson. Set up by James Dyson, the company is famous for their vacuum cleaning products and in particular, the Dyson Vacuum. Well, in a turn of events, the company is now thinking of ways it can improve the battery life of smartphones. In truth, the technology is more being developed initially to power their more relevant portable hand cleaners, although the company believes the technology will be able to further be rolled out to devices such as smartphones and tablets.


The venture being backed by Dyson (to a tune of $15 million), is being undertaken by startup company, Sakti3. Which in itself is an offshoot from the University of Michigan. In fact, the company claims that the new technology will be able to offer devices twice as much power. This is reported to be achieved by the use of "new materials and manufacturing" which Sakti3 use to achieve a higher level of energy density within batteries. This is partly due to the company doing away with more traditional liquid electrolytes in conventional lithium-ion batteries. At the moment, there is no obvious signs of when the technology will be seen in a real-life setting, in products, although the backing from Dyson will look to see the possibility move closer quicker. You can check out the principle behind Sakti 3's concept in the video below. What you think of Dyson backing a new tech startup and how likely you think it will be before we can start to see such growth in battery capacity? Let us know.

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