Huawei Wants Google To Allow More Customization Of The Android Wear Platform

March 17, 2015 - Written By Stephen Sard

A lot of customers have complained that the problem with Android Wear is that, for the most part, all watches are more or less the same under the surface. According to an interview with TrustedReviews (source link below), Huawei feels much the same way. The Chinese manufacturer of the Huawei Watch is asking that Google make Android Wear a more customizable platform much like Android for mobile devices.

Yang Yong, Vice President of Product Management for Huawei, said that “Android Wear is not as open as Android. For the watch it cannot be a standard.” This brings home the point that no matter what device is you use, it will still have the same vanilla operating system at its core which offers the same experience overall from device to device with no major differences between competitors aside from hardware and watch faces. Yong said that they “want the users to feel that it’s their own watch, not a standard watch.” Yong may be pointing out that with the Apple watch release, there will be more competition for the watch space, and companies need the ability to customize their watches to separate them from the competition and to allow their own unique take on what a wearable should look like. Yong stated that “What we are doing is trying to make from the hardware view, in the design view, in the software view, in the surface view, we are trying to differentiate our watch to appeal to the consumers who will use it.”

Huawei feels that they should be able to add customization for different areas or markets. Simply adding different watch faces is not enough and that manufacturers lack the ability to separate themselves from other manufacturers and noted that customers “have different appetites for the watch.” If Google were to open the Android Wear experience and allow for more customization by the manufacturers, they would not only have a way to make themselves stand out, but more importantly stand out in what is becoming a saturated market. It is unclear if Google will ever open Android Wear and make it more customizable by the different manufacturers. For now, manufacturers will have to be content with different watch faces to satisfy their customer’s needs.