Huawei TalkBand B2 and TalkBand N1 Unveiled as Company's Latest Wearables


Huawei just unveiled a pair of wearables sure to catch your eye on the street.  Last year marked the first year Huawei got into wearables with its TalkBand B1, which featured an interesting design that sits on the wrist and includes a pop-out Bluetooth earpiece.  The biggest problem with the B1 was its design, which was more sporty than anything, and didn't exactly appeal to a crowd looking for a more luxurious setup.  This year's TalkBand B2 fixes that in every way and gives wearers of the band a much more sophisticated look than the previous generation did.  The band comes in three color variations, all of which have different straps but all feature a full aluminum build on the face.  The black face comes with an all black TPU band, the silver face comes with a white TPU band, and the gold face comes with an elegant brown leather band.

Functionally the B2 features a 6-axis sensor inside that's designed to recognize your activity type as well as steps and other fitness information.  Full sleep pattern recognition is built in too, so wearing this wearable to bed makes plenty of sense.  The Bluetooth headset found inside the band uses noise reduction to filter out those unwanted background sounds, and smart detection means that when you put it on your ear or back into the band, it knows exactly what to do without needing any kind of reconfiguration.  You'll see on the face that it also tells the time and fitness data on the low-power screen.  5 days battery life is expected here and the TalkBand B2 will work with both Android and iOS.


Lastly Huawei's new TalkBand N1 is a health and fitness tracker that focuses more on music and offers Hi-Fi Stereo sound.  This is done through Bluetooth much in the same way the B2 is, and includes 4GB of internal storage to put music on.  Obviously designed for more of a shuffle type of music mix rather than putting your whole library on board, this neck-worn wearable changes the look of wearables up with its design.  It's IP54 dust and water resistant and includes some magnetic elements to keep things in place when running or exercising.  Price and availability of either product isn't yet available, but will be made known soon.

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