Huawei Nexus Phone May Use Huawei's Own Kirin Processor

Huawei Logo AH5

In the past Google has released one Nexus device per each major version of Android that the California-based company ships out.  This has equated to about one per year, or 6 devices since January 5th, 2010 when the Nexus One became available.  It’s been rumored for a while that Google has wanted to change the Nexus program up and now we’re hearing that there may be more than one Nexus release this year, starting with the first Nexus phone made by Chinese smartphone giant Huawei.  Today’s latest rumor specifically talks about the processor that may be used in the upcoming Huawei Nexus phone.  Rather than continue to use the Qualcomm chipsets that the past three Nexus devices have used Huawei will likely use their own chipset, the Kirin line.

We’ve had the privilege of reviewing a number of Huawei phones here at Android Headlines and the vast majority of them have been powered by one of Huawei’s Kirin lineup of chipsets.  Much like the rest of the chipset manufacturers out there Huawei has moved almost exclusively to a big.Little architecture for their high-end chipsets, including the most recently reviewed Huawei Honor 6 Plus, which is powered by a 1.8GHz Kirin 925 Octo-Core processor.  The one utilized in the upcoming Huawei Nexus would likely be the Kirin 930 or possibly an even more advanced one depending on when the device actually launches.

If it is indeed a Kirin 930 SoC we’re looking at a 64-bit 2.0GHz octo-core processor, again built upon the big.Little architecture and using a 16nm manufacturing process.  This architecture utilizes two quad-core processors working in tandem, one a more powerful quad-core for doing heavy lifting like gaming or other intensive media tasks, and the other a low-power quad-core for quick and efficient tasks like chatting, emailing, etc.  Huawei has been expanding their manufacturing base and is able to directly compete with Samsung and Qualcomm at a much bigger level this year, opening up the floodgates for other manufacturers to license and use the Kirin processor lineup.  With Huawei’s incredibly fast expansion from the company’s birth 10 years ago to now being the world’s 3rd largest smartphone manufacturer, we’re expecting the Huawei Nexus to do some very incredible things.