HTC’s New CMO Isn’t That Fond Of Samsung, At Least According To A Recent Interview

March 10, 2015 - Written By Kristijan Lucic

Samsung has been having issues with profits last year, that’s why they decided to re-structure a bit and have started using metal when designing their devices, a new approach if you will. Well, Samsung is still making a lot of profit by selling their devices, despite the fact their profits went significantly down last year. The same cannot be said about HTC though, this Taiwan-based company managed to turn a profit last year thanks to cutting cost and several other strategies, but only barely. HTC is making solid devices but is unable to sell enough of them to climb the ladder and raise their profits.

HTC’s new Chief Marketing Officer, Idris Mootee, was interviewed by Ad Age recently and he said some interesting stuff actually. He commented on Apple, and how the company was extremely successful at connecting people to their products. Mr. Mootee also commented on Samsung, referred to it as “the other company”. He said that Samsung is a massive brand and enterprise, by adding that Samsung “doesn’t stand for anything except for profit.” HTC’s CMO didn’t explain why he said that though, nor did he elaborate on anything else Samsung-related as the matter a fact, but these are really serious words coming from his. As you probably already know, HTC has hired Robert Downey Jr. to help them advertise their products a while back, but that didn’t help either. Despite that, Mr. Mootee still believes that it was the right move to hire the actor, and still believes that he can help them in the future.

It is obvious at this point that HTC is trying to connect with consumers, and by doing that keep them in the HTC ecosystem in a way. Judging by Mr. Mootee’s words, HTC is not very fond of Samsung, though that’s not all that surprising. HTC has recently unveiled their HTC One (M9) flagship which got mixed feeling from consumers, mostly because it looks so similar to its predecessor. Do you think that HTC will manage to turn things around in the future and raise their profits? Will HTC One (M9) be a success for this Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer?