HTC's BlinkFeed Feature Ported To Run On Non-HTC Android Devices


If you are an HTC device owner then one feature you will be more than familiar with is HTC's BlinkFeed app. For those, yet to see this app, this is quite a popular app among HT users and typically one you see when looking at HTC promo device images and renders. Think of all the HTC One M9 images you have seen recently and the generic display on the face of the render is a typical example of BlinkFeed. In short, the app offers users a congested news feed which is based on their social feeds. BlinkFeed literally pulls all a user's social feeds, news feeds, music and calendar events into one streamlined feed. Great for those who just want to see the best of what's relevant to them.

In spite of this being an HTC only deal, it is presumed a number of non-HTC device one might want to give this app a try. Well, if you are one of them then it looks like now is your chance. One of the clever folk over at XDA have managed to make a port of BlinkFeed available for all non-HTC devices. Of course, this probably has not been tested on all devices and as such, if you decide to give it a go then you should always proceed with the expectation of bugs.


That said, if you have been waiting for BlinkFeed then click the source link below. It is worth noting that there are four APKs which need to be downloaded and installed. These include an APK for the BlinkFeed main feature, the Service Pack, Weather and World Clock which all function together to bring you the overall effect. Not to mention there are also five plug-ins which will need to be installed if you want your favorite social networks to work correctly. The plugins are for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google+. You can download the plugins by clicking here and the four main APKs by clicking here. Other than all of that, you are good to go. if you decide to give it a try then let us know how you get on.

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