HTC UH OH Protection Will Replace Your HTC One M9 for Free Over a 12-month Period

UH OH Protection


With the HTC One M8, HTC introuduced something called HTC Advantage, a protection plan for owners of the smartphone that were prone to breakages. This year, HTC is introducing "UH OH" protection, which essentially builds on that same premise, but simplifies the whole process. UH OH Protection offers HTC One M9 owners the option of a new phone if it's damaged by water or the screen is cracked through a drop or fall. The UH OH protection plan is included with all HTC One M9 handsets and will last for 12 months out of the box. If users manage to make it through the 12 months without claiming for a cracked screen or waterlogged HTC One, then you'll be given $100 towards your next HTC One device.


This is certainly an interesting addition out of the box, after all you don't get this sort of protection with a Sony, Motorola or Samsung device. Jason Mckenzie, President of HTC Americas said that "We want our customers to have the confidence to use their new HTC One and the peace of mind that HTC has your back if something unfortunate happens to it." All of this just adds to the overall experience for customers, and this even covers you if you switch carriers, too. It is a shame that this is just for 12 months however, as many users will be signing up to a 24-month contract to get their hands on the new HTC One M9.

Those that choose to purchase their smartphones outright will no doubt be a little more attached to their device and something like this included within the sale price sounds great. Jason Mckenzie will be holding a Live Q&A session later on, so hopefully any questions regarding what is and what isn't covered will be addressed in a few hours. As for the One M9 itself, it's about to go on sale shortly around the globe, with many carriers and networks offering pre-orders right now. For now, this seems like a US-only program, but again, we'll know more once we hear from Jason Mckenzie later today.

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