Fun Fit App From HTC Is Now Available On The Play Store To Download


HTC have released their new fitness tracking application, Fun Fit, into the Google Play Store. You can visit the source link below if you want to download the application to your device. It's compatible with devices running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and later and is built around the premise that fitness can be fun when shared with friends. It uses a Facebook log in and allows users to connect with friends. Whilst at first glance, this might seem a little unusual (especially when HTC have an account system already in place) but it means that application uses do not to have to go through the process of persuading their friends to sign up to another system. Currently, Fun Fit only supports one device at a time: it's possible that HTC will develop and improve the application to include support for other social networks and multiple devices going forward.

In the detail, Fun Fit uses a familiar HTC design language: if you are using a modern HTC Sense device, you'll feel right at home here. The application counts steps during the day and may provide users with daily activity history including distance and calories burned. Fun Fit can also provide reports broken down by daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual data. In the application, users create an avatar or, to use HTC's terminology, "cute avatars." This is quite different to an application one might expect to be designed from a company that has recently announced a partnership with Under Armour, an American sports clothing and accessories company, but Fun Fit appears to be biased more towards the cheesy end of the market.


Fun Fit is a product of HTC Research, but unlike other products from the same developers, Fun Fit is available for non-HTC devices. Cloudex is one example of a HTC Research product, which is a means of coming accessing photographs stores in a number of cloud services including Google, Facebook and Google Drive. HTC Research have also released PanOMG, a panoramic photography application.

Whilst it is perhaps not the most serious of fitness tracking applications, Fun Fit does not set out to be. Instead, it's a lighthearted way to encourage people to become more active and compete with their (Facebook) friends. If you're looking for a basic but cute fitness tracker, especially if you like how HTC Sense looks and feels, be sure to download Fun Fit and let us know how you get on with it.

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