HTC Release Two Videos For The One M9 Highlighting Why It Is The ‘One’

March 5, 2015 - Written By John Anon

With MWC all wrapped up now, it is pretty much confirmed that the two biggest announcements of the week were Samsung’s unveiling of their two Galaxy S6 devices and the revealing of the One M9 from HTC. There was much speculation around the two devices and particular in terms of the HTC One M9. This is partly because of the success and popularity of the predecessor, the One M8. As such, much greater things were expected from HTC this time round. Expectations had been raised, if you want. However, once the device launched it did seem slightly underwhelming. There was no clear and obvious major differences from the One M8. Spec-wise, everything was there and upgraded, but the general response seemed to focus on how much the One M9 looking like the M8.

Well, if you were in doubt of the latest HTC One device then you should know HTC has released a couple of videos which might help to convince you. Unlike the previous HTC rap video which mysteriously appeared a couple of weeks ago, the two latest videos focus on the higher meaning of the One M9. The first video seems to show the One M9 born out of the solar system. This one might sound weird but the focus here lies on the metal aspects of the device and presumably how they were formed out of the basic elements of the solar system. If all that sounds a bit much then don’t worry, as this video shows quite a few close-up shots of the One M9 design.

The second video is also a strange choice and focuses much more on the meaning of the ‘One’ namesake, more than on the design or even the function. Instead, this video is much more akin to what we have been seeing from google recently with their ‘be together. not the same’ range of videos and highlights the nature of us, of humanity, of us all being ‘One’. Not to mention, the voiceover for this video comes from Robert Downey Jr. In fact, if you tuned into the One press event on March 1st then you will actually remember this video as it was used to start the event on the day. Check out the videos below and make sure to let us know what you think.