HTC One M9 TeamWin Recovery Project (TWRP) Support Is Already Up, Running And Ready


When a new device hits the market, users are excited and especially when it is a flagship device. They know they will soon have the latest hardware and running on the latest software version. However, if you are a custom or alternative OS type of person, there is a different type of excitement. One where you look forward to the number of ports, OSes, ROMs and root features which will come, from the launching of a new device.

However, for those users, the wait can sometimes be a longer one than they would like. Once devices land, they need time, or more specifically, developers need time to get to grips with the new devices and make ports available. The first steps in the rooted and custom world for any device are seeing the bootloader unlocked and also seeing a custom recovery (or two) becoming available. Once these two features are offered, the sky is (technically) the limit. Devices can be unlocked, rooted, flashed, installed over and generally done with as the owner wishes.


Well, with the launch of two massive devices announced this month in the form of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the HTC One M9, the custom world over the next few months will be plentiful in terms of offerings, features and ROMs. In fact, it looks like the battle to create for these two devices is actually already well underway. It was already reported a few days back, that root status had been achieved for the Samsung Galaxy S6. This is in spite of the device not actually being released yet. Likewise, the latest news is that custom recovery support from TWRP (TeamWin Recovery Project) has already been created for the HTC One M9. Again, this is before the device has actually seen its general release. If you are planning on picking up the One M9 soon and also plan on flashing some custom features or ROMs, then you may way to head over to the source link below and grab your download. Of course, as always with flashing, you will want to be careful when installing and using such features. Needless to say, even more so on a new HTC One M9.

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