HTC One M9 Reportedly Ready To Ship Out To Customers Following Finalized Software

March 19, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

HTC announced the all new One M9 at the beginning of this month during Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, with rumors abound shortly after that they may be launching the device sometime towards the end of March, which would put it a couple of weeks ahead of the scheduled launch window for Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. While there is still no confirmation from HTC when they will be ready to launch the phone, LlabTooFer who is well known for being associated with many HTC leaks, is claiming that HTC seems to have finalized the software on the One M9 for “most regions,” and is now ready to ship handsets to customers.

One of the major rumors surrounding the flagship device is in regards to alleged heating problems with the One M9 due to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor being used inside of the phone. According to some posts(also rumors) on XDA that were linked in the comments of LlabTooFer’s tweet, HTC has overcome the overheating issue through an internal software update that addressed problems with the camera as well as the thermal heating. Whatever customers make of the overheating problem as of now prior to the phone’s launch, it would appear that HTC has figured out and fixed any potential issues and is ready to move forward with further production and beginning shipment.

This news if proven true still leaves much to the imagination, like all HTC’s planned launch regions, the actual launch date, and the confirmed pricing for any regions the One M9 will launch in initially. Some rumors continue to maintain that the end of March is the expected timeframe while others pin it for a launch around April 10th, and whenever the phone ends up releasing, customers can likely expect it to hit all major carriers here in the U.S. alongside multiple carriers in other major markets like the UK , Europe, and parts of Asia. Although no prices have yet been confirmed, the costs being speculated on suggest that it will end up costing around $650 at full price, which could end up being around $149-$199 with two year contracts.