HTC One M9+ Could be Heading to Europe

HTC Logo HD AH 6


Later today, HTC is to hold an event in the US that promises something big for the HTC One line, and we’re all thinking it could have something to do with the HTC One M9+, the new name for what we knew as the Hima Ultra in the run-up to the HTC One M9’s official launch. Rumor has it that the Hima Ultra was to be announced alongside the HTC One M9 and essentially be a larger, better specced device. During Mobile World Congress, we saw no such device launch, but it appears that the device is still on the cards, albeit with a fresh name as the HTC One M9+.

We’ve heard quite a bit about this device already, like for instance the rumor that it’ll feature a 5.5-inch Quad HD display and be powered by the latest MediaTek octa-core CPU. It was at first thought that the device would only be release in Asia markets, but @UpLeaks has come forward with information saying that it could launch in Europe, the Middle East and Africa regions as well. Using a MediaTek CPU might not sound all that appealing, but such a CPU would keep the cost down, but considering the heating problems with the Snapdragon 810 it might be a smart design choice, too.

This wouldn’t be the first time that HTC has launched a larger version of the HTC One, as the HTC One Max from 2013 was a 5.5-inch giant complete with a fingerprint sensor. This time though, it sounds like HTC is to offer a better device overall, rather than just something that’s larger. Such a device would definitely offer HTC customers looking for a larger device with great speakers another option, but considering the HTC One M9 is already a large device it’d be interesting to see where the two fit into HTC’s current lineup. Later today, we should see whether or not a larger version of the HTC One is coming sooner than we thought, and of course if HTC has anything else lined up for us.