HTC Launch Theme Website Offering The Ability To Get To Grips With The New HTC One M9 Theme Feature

March 30, 2015 - Written By John Anon

HTC’s latest flagship offering, the HTC One M9 might not have blown people away on looks alone, due to its remarkably similar appearance to its predecessor, the HTC One M8. However, that is not exactly where HTC is positioning this device. The device does resemble the One M8 in many ways, but does so, in a more refined and detailed manner. Where HTC are looking to impress their customers (and hopefully a few of their not yet customers) this time, is in the way of features. At least, this definitely seems to be the case if you take into consideration the copious number of feature-laden promotional videos the company has been outputting of late to advertise and promote the device.

One of those features, in particular, is their new Theme feature. This has long been reported to be expected on the One M9 and since it’s unveiling, demos and promo videos have also focused on the Theming elements of the device. Including some interesting possibilities. Like the ability to snap an image and you use the color in the image to create a theme for your overall system.

Well, it seems in preparation of the recent reports suggesting One M9’s are due to begin shipping to pre-order customers today, HTC have made available a dedicated Theme website. This site allows users to effectively create themes, even without having the phone. It is presumed the site will offer both the ability for potential customers to see the type and level of customization that is available for the One M9, while also providing an additional measure for One M9 owners to create a more in-depth theme for their device, remotely from their desktop. The site does also suggest a corresponding app is on the way as there is a “Get it on Google Play’ link. However, at present the link is not liking to the relative app. Either way, if you want to test out the new features and see what you can expect in terms of customizing your homescreen, ringtones, icons and wallpapers on the One M9, then head over to the source link below.

Screenshot 2015-03-30 at 11.27.04 AM