HTC Introduce Their First Fitness Tracker in Partnership With Under Armour; the HTC Grip

HTC Re Grip AH 5

We’re live from HTC at Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona, and just as we thought, HTC isn’t just announcing a new smartphone, althought they did introduce the HTC One M9 of course. HTC also had the Re Vive to offer, their first foray into Virtual Reality, partnering with Valve and this, the Re Grip. This is their first fitness tracker, developed in partnership with Under Armor, and it’s one for those serious about that their fitness goals. This isn’t your typical fitness tracker, and judging by the short, intensive demo we saw on stage, it’s definitely something casual users might not make the most of.

The Grip is part of HTC’s ‘Re’ branding, which is expanding from just being about a handheld camera, to accommodate their VR headset and the Grip. Being developed in conjunction with Under Armor, it’s no surprise that this is to use the UA Record app to track all of your progress and your goals. This is, like the Re Camera, a cross-platform device and it will pair with devices running either iOS 7 and above or Android 4.3 and above. This is a pretty big deal, as cross-platform devices like the Fitbit and the Jawbone have enjoyed more mainstream success than say, the Sony SmartBand or the Samsung Gear Fit.

This a fitness tracker first and foremost, but there is a display on the band, which is curved, and fairly basic. It will display notifications and that sort of thing, but is primarily designed to help update users on their goals. As for the design of the Grip, it looks like the Nike Fuel Band, but in HTC’s colors. It’s a chunky-looking thing with a matte finish on the front, and a colorful green band on the inside. As for the internals of this little guy, we’ll have more on that shortly, but for now stay tuned as we have hands-on of all HTC’s devices coming very, very soon!