Here's How You Can Remove The Verizon Logo From The Back Of Your New Nexus 6


As we reported a few days ago, those who pre-ordered their Nexus 6 devices for Verizon are starting to receive their new handsets. It took a long time for Verizon to release this device, but now it is landing in the hands of their customers. There is just one issue that many who have received the device have noted this far. In typical Verizon fashion, they have placed their huge logo across the back of the device. Many have felt that this ruined the natural beauty of the device with the emblazoned Nexus across the back. If you are saddened by the logo ruining your beautiful new phone, we have good news that will undoubtedly make you a very happy Nexus 6 owner.

While most people have been content to just leave this logo on their device, one Reddit contributor noticed that the logo appears to only be a sticker and is not etched into the back. Reddit user "courageousrobot" made a post announcing their discovery and how they went about removing the offending logo decal from their shiny new Nexus 6. You should take note, that the steps that we are about to outline if done incorrectly could result in unintentional damage (scratches) and is at your own risk. So if you are afraid you may accidentally scratch your device, perhaps you should avoid removing it and get on with having it as part of your phone. If you still want it gone from your device forever, here are the steps that "courageousrobot" took to remove the decal from their device.

The Redditor stated that they took the rounded-edge of a paper clip and their fingernail to gently remove the decal. If you are attempting this, take great care so as to not scratch your device. Then to remove the adhesive residue that is left, they took a microfiber cloth and some rubbing alcohol to buff out the residue. Make sure to avoid overusing the rubbing alcohol and keep the device as dry as possible. The higher alcohol content of the rubbing alcohol the better, since it will evaporate quickly. That's it! That is all you need to do to remove the Verizon logo from the back of your Nexus 6. If you give this a go, let us know how it turns out.

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