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Just before Mobile World Congress kicked off, LG announced two new smartwatches, both sporting some very good-looking designs. Following in the footsteps of the G Watch R, the Watch Urbane was a classy looking affair, and one for those looking for a more traditional timepiece. Since then however, LG announced their own version of the Watch Urbane, the LTE, complete with a 4G radio and WebOS running under that circular display, instead of Android Wear. This is an interesting move for LG, but it could be the best way for them to compete with Samsung's Gear S, one of the few devices able to function without the need for a smartphone.


Before MWC 2015 kicks off in earnest, we've been able to get our hands on the Watch Urbane LTE, and what a good-looking watch this guy is. It's a sleek looking device that looks more like the chronograph you'd see on the wrist of someone out of Corporate America, but it's still packed with technology. There's a 4G radio as well as WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0 on the inside and the same Snapdragon 400 used in Android Wear devices. There's a 1.3-inch Plastic OLED display that's fully circular and looks really nice in person. Just like the G Watch R, there appears to be numbers around the edge of the display, but these are much more subtle and easier to overlook if all you're interested in is that OLED display.

There's a heart-rate monitor here as well, and it looks like LG is using a similar charger to that of the G Watch R and original G Watch. The whole thing looks nice and classy, and reminds us a lot of the secretive watch that LG announced with Audi during CES 2015 back in January. Take a look at the Watch Urbane LTE in the gallery below, and let us know what you think.

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