Google's 'Project Titan' Is Making Great Progress, First Drones To Take Off In The Next Few Months

Google Project Titan

Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona is full of all sorts of interesting tech. We’ve already seen tons of announcements and what not, and there are lots more to come. Sundar Pichai gave a speech at MWC quite recently, which we’ve already covered in a separate article, but it’s time to talk about something in particular that Google’s Senior VP mentioned during his speech and interview which followed. Mr. Pichai talked about all sorts of things including Google Fiber, Android Wear, Android in general, Chinese OEMs, and many more topics including Android Pay which he more or less announced at MWC. One more interesting thing that Mr. Pichai mentioned is internet connectivity on a global scale, while talking about that, he mentioned ‘Project Titan’.

Google has acquire the company called “Titan” back in April 2014, this is a drone company which Google obviously purchased for a very good reason. The Titan team is building a new version of super lightweight solar-powered airplanes that will be able to hover in a particular area within Earth’s stratosphere. Why would they want to do that? Well, these drones would offer a way to beam internet down to a particular area on the ground, which would benefit certain inaccessible areas mostly, and those which are left without internet connectivity for some reason (earthquake, floods, some other type of a natural disaster, war, etc.)

Project Titan and Project Loon could work together according to Sundar Pichai, considering Google’s balloons might be difficult to navigate at times, drones are far easier to control and would, therefore, be far more accurate in providing signal to a particular area. Google is planning to partner up with carriers in order to provide internet access almost everywhere, and is hoping that the project will go into full motion as soon as possible, in the next few months that is. Google’s Senior VP considers this to be a perfect way to expand network connectivity and give a strong internet connection where needed.

That being said, what are your thoughts here, do you think that Google’s ‘Loon’ and ‘Titan’ projects will come to life soon and work as well as the company is expecting?