Google's Chromecast Now Comes With Even More Freebies And Offers


Google's Chromecast has had an excited year over the last twelve months, with impressive sales noted throughout the year. None more so then towards the end of last year and start of this year. For instance, back at the start of December 2014, reports started to emerge that the small streaming stick had risen to become the second biggest selling streaming device of the year, second only to the Roku offering. By the end of January that status had changed to include that the Chromecast was now officially the best selling streaming stick of 2014. This was quickly followed in February by reports that the unit had managed to shift over ten million units in 2014 alone. So, all in all, the figures look good for the small stick.

One of the reasons it is so popular is how cheap the device is. When you factor what a Chromecast can do, the average cost of $35 seems more than reasonable. Not to mention, you are actually unlucky if you end up paying the full cost. For instance, the stick is quite often on sale and at a cheaper cost than the standard $35 retail rate. Not forgetting that Google is almost always offering a number of freebies, which come to boost the allure of picking one up. In fact, if you have yet to pick up the device then it seems now is as good a time as any, as Google are currently offering up to $80 in freebies and offers.


If you pick up a chromecast between march 20th and April 19th then up for grabs is 30 days access to Quello Concerts, 3 months free access to Sesame Street Go, 3 months free access to DramaFever, 90 days free access to Google Play Music and a free movie from Google Movies. Of course, that is all for the U.S. Buyers. However, if you live in the UK, it seems your offers are just as plentiful. All of the already mentioned offers, also extend to you although instead of the 3 months DramaFever service, you can expect 3 months free Now TV access. With deals like this, it won't be surprising if Chromecast once again tops the 'best selling' lists of 2015. Although, this year it will have a few more options to contend with.

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