Google Rumored To Be Working On 'Android For Virtual Reality'

AH Samsung Gear VR 12

Virtual Reality (VR) has been of those concepts which has always seemed to be on the horizon in the tech world, but always seemed to be taking its time in coming. That said, a lot can happen in a short time and that seems to be the case over the last year. It has long been reported that Samsung was working on a virtual reality unit which we have now come to know as the Samsung Gear VR, which saw its release late last year. This was of course in conjunction with Oculus who had already brought to market their own unit in the form of the Oculus Rift.

Now, with 2015 here, virtual reality is becoming more and more prevalent. LG have announced their entry into virtual reality and even more recently, HTC at MWC announced their HTC Vive unit which is expected to land towards the end of this year. Not to mention, last year, Google released their own budget version of virtual reality in the form of Google Cardboard. So it does seem virtual reality is now one of those platforms which is taking off. If you need any more proof that virtual reality is finally here, then the latest is Google are already working on their android for virtual reality platform.

The details at present are a little limited and there has been no confirmation from the Search giant themselves. However two sources “familiar with the project” have informed the Wall Street Journal (source link below) that the project is already in motion. In fact, the sources even suggest Google already has “tens of engineers” as well as other staff working on the new android platform which will be used to power virtual reality applications. How the platform will work is still largely unknown, although with so many manufacturers seemingly keen to invest heavily in virtual reality, it does make sense for android to also be working behind the scenes to unify the platform. With I/O approaching in May and virtual reality being the buzz phrase of this year, it just might be the time for them to unveil their android for virtual reality platform.