Google Opens New Online ‘Google Store’ For Everything Made With Google

March 11, 2015 - Written By John Anon

It is Wednesday and that normally means there are a number of Google announcements coming down the wire. These typically consist of updates that Google are rolling out to their apps and services. However, today has been a little bit different. It is Wednesday and the announcements have been coming, however, they have been of a slightly different Google tangent today. It all began this morning when Google unveiled their first proper physical store which had opened in London. This was then even more recently followed by Google taking the veil off of their next generation Chromebook Pixel which we now know will cost a straight $999 to purchase. Not to mention, very recently, the news that Google seems to have now fully pulled the Nexus 5 from Google Play availability.

Well, the latest coming from mountain View is that their physical London store seems to be only half of the Google selling story today. The company have also now unveiled a new Google online store. In contrast to the more familiar Play Store, this new store seems to be an extension of the London store but online. As such, you can peruse and shop online anything Google. This obviously includes the vast selection of Google Chromebook devices, Nexus devices and so on.

In fact the new store front (shown in the image above) clearly states this will be the place where you can find anything that is “made with Google”. As such the new site is quite extensive in terms of what it offers, including Android TV and Chromecast products, Android Wear running devices, Accessories and of course, all the smarthome products produced under the Nest banner. In fact, if it is hardware based and is Google branded then this looks like the place you will want to be heading next time. You can check out the website for yourself by clicking the source link below. In the meantime, let us know what you think of this dual physical and online storefront launch for everything Google? Will you be using the new online store? Let us know what you think.