Google Now Will Soon Be Offered As An Open API Allowing Integration With Any Android App


For many android users, Google Now is one of those revolutionary concepts which just seems to make sense. Whenever you search for, read about or pretty much interact with any Google service, Google Now seems to know about it and provides you with further announcements on the topic. Search for a sports team then Now will start to display information about the team. Check out whether a specific flight is scheduled to take off on time, then Google Now will provide you with details about the flight including when it departed, if it is running late and so on. So the feature is rather intuitive and those that like it, probably like it quite a lot.

The only real issues with Google Now is that it is a little limited in terms of the number of apps the service can access. At present, Google Now only uses Google apps and services to search through and extract information. That said, the number of features is greatly growing. For instance, it was only a couple of weeks ago it was reported how Google Now has started displaying gas station locations on your current driving route. However, a much wider access to your app selection would give your Google Now even more information to collect from and as such, better Now results. Well, it seems this is part of Google's bigger plans with the Search giant planning to open up the API which will allow for all app developers the option to include the feature in their app.


In fact, the beginning of this openness is already well in motion. Back at the start of January, it was reported that Google Now has started offering integration for forty third-party (non-Google) apps. However, again, these tended to be the big name apps. The latest news of opening the API will allow for anyone to effectively include the feature. Of course, there will be some issues with developing a totally open Google Now, like instances when two apps provide Now with conflicting information. Well, in these instances, it is being reported Now will adopt a dependence on "individual user app usage patterns" to guide it to displaying what is thought to be the more relevant information to that particular user. There was no indication of when an open API for Google Now will become available, although, at least developers and users can rest assured it is in planning.

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