Google Launches Google Compare For Car Insurance For Residents In California

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Google is launching a service today to help consumers more easily find the best prices on car insurance. It’s called Google Compare for car insurance, and it will be available from today forward to all residents in the state of California. For  now this is a limited availability service but Google has stated that while it’s only going to be available to residents in California for now, more states will follow in the future. Unfortunately, Google didn’t mention a time frame for how long it will be before other states can expect to use the service, just that they have plans to roll it out elsewhere sometime down the road.

It’s likely that Google will want to see how residents in California will respond to and use the service before they roll it out to other states or even possibly nationwide, which makes sense. This would give them a limited amount of people to openly test the service with, and keeping track of customer interactions and satisfaction of the service for one state will certainly be easier than multiple locations. Google announced the coming of Google Compare just a couple of months ago in the beginning of this year, so the launch may not have been a complete surprise to interested consumers who were waiting for it.

With Google Compare for car insurance Google states that consumers will be able to “make more confident and informed financial decisions,” which is something that every consumer should want especially when buying something as important as car insurance. According to the blog post, consumers will be able to compare multiple different rates from different insurance companies, and when they finally settle on a provider they can pay for the insurance in one of two ways, over the phone or online since they’re already browsing for the prices on the internet. Google Compare for car insurance seems to be catered more to the consumer, but it’s a platform that gives insurance providers a benefit too as they can offer information more easily to their customers this way. If you’re a resident in California and are interested in giving this a go, you can head here to check out the service from your browser either on your phone or through your desktop.

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