Google Gives Manufacturers And App Developers Of Android Wear A Boost In Their Latest Blog


Google took the time today to bolster support for it's Android Wear watches on its official blog (source link below). Mobile World Congress will see many new wearables, but the some of the most anticipated wearables would appear to be that of the latest watches. Google took the time to point out some of the latest applications for Google Wear and how they can enhance your day and make your life easier and that will allow you to show the world your personality.

LG and Huawei have both release some stunningly beautiful and very powerful watches that will no doubt make you the envy of your friends. LG announced the Watch Ubane LTE, a beautiful watch that will allow you to make a statement while providing functionality. Huawei has also recently released their new and very beautiful watch. Called simply the Huawei Watch, it too will allow you to enjoy beautiful wrist candy while providing strong functionality via the Android Wear platform.


But even the most beautiful and high-end wearable device is just a simple watch without applications to drive its life-enhancing functionality. Android Wear sports an ever-growing array of applications that will enhance your day-to-day work obligations, while providing entertainment and sports functionality for your off time. One of the most popular applications is that of watch faces. With Android Wear, you can change your watch face to suit your needs and your style. You can choose minimalistic styling, or go for the more modern sports look, the choice is yours and yours alone.

But watch faces are only half of the overall picture. Google has invested a lot of time and money to make Android Ware a platform that harbors innovative developments in the wearable industry. With Android Wear, you are able to keep track of notifications, play your music, text your friends to tell them you are running late, or get help with your golf swing. Most watches also allow for other things such as fitness and sleep tracking applications and of course they also allow you to play games for the subway ride home. Applications are what drives Android Wear, and Google is making sure there is no shortage of great applications to help enhance your wearables experience. As time goes on, we can see this platform evolve to even greater things, enhancing many aspects of our lives. It is truly a case of form meeting functionality at it's finest. Will you be making a wearable purchase this year? Do you have a Android Wear watch that improves your life? Let us know on our Google+ page or make a comment below.

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