Google Fiber To Allow Targeted Ads For Local Small Businesses In Kansas City

March 22, 2015 - Written By Stephen Sard

It would appear that the folks at Google are testing ways to make advertising more relevant to your interest on their Google Fiber service. Google has announced a test program, set to launch in Kansas City, Kansas and Kansas City Missouri locations. This service seeks to allow local business the ability to use targeted advertising, much like they would on the internet via the services for advertisement by Google. These advertisements are part of Google Fiber’s local services and will allow for more cost effective targeted advertisement capabilities for smaller local businesses.

While the technical side of how this will work is unclear at this time, the process of procuring advertisements and having them displayed to viewers is pretty simple and should be an easy process for local businesses. The first thing that Google points out to businesses is that these ads will be much like the ones on their popular internet advertising programs. You will only pay for ads that have been shown to viewers, and you also will have the option of limiting the number of times that you advertisement can be viewed on a single TV set. Since the ads will be based on factors such as geography, type of programs that are being shown, and the tv’s viewing history, you will be better able to target that audience that you feel will be better served by seeing your advertisement. This service will also work on DVR programming as well as live TV and in real time. This way the viewer will see fresh and relevant advertisements even if the program they are watching has been sitting on their DVR for a month. This ability to inject real-time advertisements is something that other providers can not offer at this time.

For the consumer, this means that you will receive advertisements that are catered to your specific needs. No more watching commercials for a product you do not use or need. It will also allow you to view advertisements that are relevant to your specific geographic location. No more viewing advertisements for a business, only to discover it is on the other side of town or hours away. The service will not interfere with national advertising and you will also be able to opt-out of this type of targeted advertising based on viewing history by disabling it in your Google Fiber TV settings. It should be noted that this is in testing and there is no word on when this service will be made available to other Google Fiber TV locations. This type of service is somewhat offered by cable providers, though it does not offer the in-depth information that Google is able to acquire to help businesses target specific audiences. However, with such little coverage for Google Fiber, Google shouldn’t be a threat to Cable TV advertising numbers in the immediate future. Do you like the idea of this type of targeted advertising for TV? Let us know on out Google+ page or in the comment section below.