Google Feud Is Your Chance To Guess What Google Will Autocomplete In A Family Feud Style

March 16, 2015 - Written By John Anon

We are all guilty of it. Turning to Google to find out the information we want to know. Gone are the days when you would phone someone to ask for some quick answers. Just like, gone are the days when you would turn to an encyclopedia (or a book in general) to try and find out some useful (and sometimes useless) facts. Nowadays, even if you do ask someone you know, chances are they will reply with those two famous words “Google it”. And so you do.

However, in spite of how ever-knowing Google is, sometimes when you begin typing in a question, the predictive text will display a question that not only you were not planning to ask, but would probably never have asked. For instance, start typing into Google with ‘Where” and you will automatically be offered a number of autocomplete options you might not expect. The first is “Where is my refund“, which is followed by “where am i“, which is again followed by “where is Putin“. So all in all, probably three questions you had not intended to ask when you simply wanted to know ‘Where Timbuktu’ is.

Well, if seeing what Google thinks you are going to ask, is a game that you find yourself playing more often than not. Then you might want to check out Google Feud. This is a site in which the sole purpose is to try and guess what Google’s top predictions are going to be for an inputted text. So in the example above, the question was “coffee is too”. From here, hot, cold and strong was guessed as right answers. The game is split into four categories, so you can choose between Culture, People, Names and Questions. The last of these is probably the most fun to go with, as the questions are rather random and some will surprise you as much as the answers. What’s interesting though, is the game works like the famous Family Feud show. Where every time you guess a wrong answer you get a big X. Three X’s and you lose. Want to give it a try, click here to head over to the website. Make sure to let us know what you think.

Google Feud 2