Google Data Saver Quietly Launched for Desktop Chrome and Chrome OS


Long ago Google launched a feature on Chrome for mobile that allows users to opt in to a program that could save them a whole lot of data over the long term usage of Chrome.  This program, simply called Data Saver, routes any requested websites from the requested website's server through Google's servers, which quickly compress the data and send it to your phone.  This results in some significant data savings that average around 50% for most users, saving oodles of cash for those on tiered or metered data plans.  While this has been a real Godsend for mobile phones and tablets running Google Chrome mobile, desktop users who are using these same data connections have been out in the cold with a solution from Google.

That is of course until today when Google finally released the Data Saver extension for desktop Chrome.  This also includes Chrome OS, so users of Chromebooks that are constantly reliant on using data for their cloud-enabled computer can rest assured that their data is being saved as much as possible.  Those working off of tethered connections know how crucial it is to keep track of your data usage no matter what sort of device you're using, and while there were other solutions before this Google is presenting us with a truly simple and easy to use solution.  Data Saver keeps your information secure as everything is delivered via a secure SSL connection and websites accessed are even scanned for malware using Google's malware scanning engines.  Almost no one has the cloud computing power Google has and their extensive networking system ensures that traffic isn't getting clogged up before it gets to you.


This extension is free and available on the extension section of the Chrome Web Store found in your Chrome browser.  Lately we've seen all sorts of helpful Chrome extensions from the new standalone Chrome Remote Desktop app to ones keeping track of emails trying to hijack your information.  The Chrome Web Store is full of all kinds of helpful goodies for you to explore and sort through, so hit up the store, search for Data Saver and make sure it's the one that's from Google.  Of course in true Google style this is in beta, so if you experience anything weird going on you know it might have to do with this.

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