Google Continues April Fool's Announcements With 'Google Panda' Fake Product Launch

Screenshot 2015 03 31 at 2.22.35 PM

If you were under any doubt as to whether March was coming to an end, then today’s news will have certainly made the end of the month and the arrival of April obvious. This is because tomorrow is April 1st, which brings with it the age old tradition of April Fools Day. As a matter of tradition, even the big tech companies cannot seem to avoid getting in on the joking nature of the day and have already been releasing a number of joke announcements throughout the day.

For instance, Google has already today announced that they have introduced a Pac-Man version which sees the game integrated into Google Maps. Following on from this, an announcement came from the South Korean tech giant, Samsung, who also announced the launch of the world’s first smart knife, the Samsung Galaxy BLADE Edge. This one is a knife which comes along with the features from the Galaxy S6, while playing on the nature of the Edge version of the newly announced flagship device.

Well, it seems Google have not quite finished with their April Fools announcements, as they have now posted a video of a mock-up Google live event. The event is supposed to be hosted in Japan today and sees the launch a brand new Google product, dubbed ‘Google Panda’. This is being touted as an on-the-go search device wrapped up within a panda exterior. According to the video, the idea is to bring Search to the point where you do not need to search at all. Google Panda offers users the ability to have all their questions answered, from their very own portable panda. According to the Ozan Mindek, Engineering Lead for Google Panda, the idea was to create a device which contains three specific features. The first was to be cute, the second was to be mobile and the third was to be shockproof. If you are interested to know more then you can check out the mock-up Google Panda product launch video by hitting play below. Alternatively, click the source link to head over to the Google Japan blog posting announcing the launch of Google Panda.