Google Chrome Remote Desktop Is Now A Full-Fledged Stand-Alone Chrome App

Chrome Remote Desktop

Remote Desktop now officially has its own stand-alone full-fledged Chrome application. This news was reported today by Google’s Fran§ois Beaufort of the Chromium project on his Google+ page (source link below). For those of you who do not know what Chrome Remote Desktop is, we will enlighten you to the very useful tool.

This tool is like many remote desktop assistants. It will allow you the ability to access another computer via a remote session, so that you can either provide tech support to the user on the other end, or you can set it up so that you can access files on another computer such as work or home. To do this, you simply go to the Chrome Remote Desktop and install the app on your computer. This app can be placed in your dock, taskbar or on your desktop as well. The person or computer that you are trying to connect to must also have the Chrome Remote Desktop app installed as well. Once that is done, click on the app and you are asked if you wish to share your computer with another computer or if you want to see and control another computer. After you have made your selection, the computer that is set to share their desktop will be given a code. This code is to be given to the computer you wish to use to access the shared computer. That code is then input into a box and once you hit the connect button, the two desktops will be connected, with one person able to control a remote computer. In other words, if you wish to share your computer’s desktop with your friend, you would give your friend this code. Your friend would then input this code on their machine and this will begin the connection. We should point out that you will be able to have as many open connections as you want, or at least what your computer can handle.

That is pretty much it in terms of connection. You can cancel any open connections that you have or you can change your PIN if it is necessary. The set up and execution of this app is pretty straight forward, so you should be able to help your friend, mom, dad, grandma, or anyone get sup up quickly so that you can render assistance. You can also access the remote desktop via Android using the app, which is a handy feature. However, you cannot use a PC to connect to an Android device. Some users are reporting and have verified that this will work for Chromebooks as well, which Is certainly helpful. If you have given this application a try, let us know how you like it on our Google+ page.