Get a Two-Year Subscription to TigerVPN for Just $49

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Many of you reading this might already be using a VPN, a free subscription perhaps, or perhaps you’re still on the fence. Having a VPN solution to fall back on can be really helpful in a number of situations. For one thing, they’re great when you’re traveling. Let’s say, like me, you’re from the UK and you’re on holiday, you need to access your website, or check something up and everything is redirecting you to the local domain. This isn’t a great experience and you often can’t watch Netflix or anything like that as if you were back home. A VPN on the other hand can help, as it can show you as connecting from the US, the UK or wherever you like, giving you access to your home comforts as well as things that you might not be able to get access to anyway.

TigerVPN is an excellent VPN solution that works across iOS and Android devices, as well as your desktop PC and even your aftermarket router. There are 55 nodes in 40 countries, 256-bit encryption, high-speed servers, and zero data caps when signing up to a premium subscription from TigerVPN. That encryption will help keep you anonymous like other VPN solutions, but also safe while online, too. At the Android Headlines store, we have two-years worth of premium subscription going for just $49, which is a pretty decent price and it’ll cover your next few business trips, holidays abroad or just help you access TV or streaming services back home. What you do with it, is up to you!

You can take a look at the TigerVPN subscription for two years here.