Friendsy Is A Student Only ‘Tinder Meets Facebook’ App And Coming To A Campus Near You

March 17, 2015 - Written By John Anon

Social based apps are big business these days. In fact, reports recently predicted that going forward in 2015, social messaging based apps will continue to be a growing market and one in which is worth invested in. That said, one may argue that most of the social-based apps are already here. There is, of course, Facebook as the ultimate social app. Not forgetting twitter for quick messaging, WhatsApp for instant messaging (although, they offer voice calls too), Pinterest and Instagram for image based socializing and even Tinder for those looking for a more intimate based social interaction.

Well, it seems there is always room for another social app and two Princeton students have managed to find a part of the market they feel was not totally accounted for just yet. The two students came together and have released an app which goes by the name ‘Friendsy’. As the name suggests, this one is more of friend seeking orientated app. It does offer the ability like Tinder to meet people romantically, but different to Tinder, also offers the ability to find like-minded people for friendship. As such, the principal works the same as Tinder. If you see someone you are not interested in knowing (in any way) then you can swipe them away and move on. However, by swiping the opposite way, unlike Tinder, does not automatically assume a romantic liking. Instead, by swiping to the right will offer the user a choice of options including ‘Friend’, ‘Date’, or ‘hook-up’.

If this does sound like an app you might want to try, then you should know that it is only available to students. What’s more, it seems this app will always only be available to students as you do need a .edu email address to be able to sign you to the app. That said, if you are a student then you might want to give the app a try. You can filter search results by you locations, school, gender year and even by the major you are taking. Not forgetting, the app also offers a ChitChat feature which will allow for an instance chat connection to a random person who is also online at the same time. If this still sounds like something you might be interested in, then you can download the app now by clicking the source link below