The First 6 Things to do with your Brand New HTC One M9


So you've just gotten your HTC One M9. It's a beautiful looking device, isn't it? There are a few things that you should do when you first open up the box and take out the HTC One M9. And we're going to go over a few of those things right now. These are things we recommend you to do, doesn't mean that these must be done right away though. This is your smartphone, so do whatever you want with it!


Password Protect that Sucker

As much annoyance as a secured lock screen is, it's definitely needed. Whether you put on a password, pin or pattern, it's definitely one of the first things you should do with any new smartphone. This way no one can get into your phone, not even your kids or significant other.


To password protect your HTC One M9, just head to Settings > Security > Screen Lock. And because it is running on Android 5.0 Lollipop, you also have Smart Lock. Which you can set up for location, Bluetooth or NFC.


Insert your MicroSD Card

We never thought we'd say this, but HTC One M9 has a microSD card slot while the Samsung Galaxy S6 doesn't. Yes it's true. On the right side of the device, you'll see a tray that will house your microSD card slot. Just use your SIM ejection tool to pop it out, place your microSD card inside and pop it back in. Pretty simple. The HTC One M9 does support up to 2TB of space on a microSD card, however, we only have 128GB microSD cards in existence right now. With Sandisk's 200GB microSD card coming soon.


Uninstall/Disable Bloatware

Pretty simple, if there's an app or apps installed on your HTC One M9 that you won't ever use, just go ahead and disable it or uninstall it. Some apps you can complete uninstall, some you can only disable. But that's still better than having them around, running in the background.



Start shopping for cases

Yes, the HTC One M9 is a beautiful device. But you don't want to see that aluminum unibody get any scratches now do you? So you're going to want a case for your new smartphone. We've already done a top 10 best cases for the HTC One M9 and are showcasing more through our case of the day posts. So you'll want to check those out.


Watch a video on YouTube

Might sound weird, but you have some amazing speakers here on the HTC One M9. And you're going to want to use them. Find a good video, maybe a movie trailer for an upcoming action movie and watch it on you're new HTC One M9. Make sure it's set to "Theater Mode". It's definitely something everyone needs to experience.


Customize your HTC One M9

Finally, you should customize your One M9. HTC did a great job with their Themes app, and now you are able to customize the theme, font, icons, wallpaper, and even the sounds. You can also create your own theme from the wallpaper that you have on your One M9. If you're more advanced, you can go ahead and download the Adobe Photoshop template from HTC's website and create your own theme from scratch. You can also submit them to HTC's collection in the Themes app.