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If you are someone who quite fancies yourself at knowing all there is to know about a number of things then trivia based apps will be perfect for you. Not only do they give you the option to put your claimed knowledge to the test but they also offer you the opportunity to pick up a few more snippets of information that you might not have known. Either way, if you are interested in trivia then check out these ten trivia based apps for android.

Trivia Crack

Kicking off todays list is a game a few of your interested in Trivia might already know of. Trivia Crack is designed to pit your trivia knowledge against your friends in where you can compete in answering trivia questions across 6 different categories. It's a great way to find out who among you and your friends has the best trivia knowledge.

Guess The Song

Guess the Song is another fan favorite and as the name suggests, this one is designed to focus entirely on your music trivia knowledge. Think you know who sung what, when it was released, how well it did? Well, now is your chance to put that trivia to the test.


Similar to Trivia Crack, QuizUp is another trivia based multi-player game. That said, you are unlikely to find one more diverse than this game which offers over 400,000 trivia questions over 600 categories. Not to mention that as well as pitting your wits against your friends you can also play online with the suggested 25 million strong user base.

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

Of course, where would the world be without Who Wants To Be A millionaire. This is probably the most worldwide well-known test of your trivia knowledge. With the app available for android devices, if you are interested in trivia and testing it out then this is a must have.

5th Grader? & Friends

This one is probably more for the U.S. readers out there as this is quite a big show stateside. That said, the principle is the same worldwide. Children are getting smarter and smarter at a younger and younger age. Think you know more than a 5th grader? Think again? Either way, you can know test it out with the official android game of the popular U.S. show.

Trivia Burst

Trivia Burst is another trivia based game for your android device and this one comes loaded with over 70,000 questions set over 30 different trivia categories. With Triviaburst you can make do with a single person mode or challenges others. Not to mention this one includes leaderboards so you can see how you match up with others around the world.

I Love Pop Culture

For those who think their pop knowledge far extends beyond just music then I Love Pop Culture might be the app for you. This is another quiz based game but looks to challenge users on popular movies, music, TV, phrases and brands. In short, this one looks to test your 'POP IQ'. Not to mention, this one again offers the ability to rank yourself compared to everyone else with what the app developers refer to as making their "coveted top 10% list".

Quizoid (Quiz and Trivia)

Of course, the best way to test your trivia is through quizzes and that is why so many are making the list today. Up next is another quiz option you might be already familiar with that goes by the name Quizoid. This one offers over 5000 questions spread over 17 'fields of knowledge'. As such, there is plenty to get your trivia teeth stuck into with this one.


A lot of the quizzes and trivia based apps so far have focused on straight-up questions and answers. If you are looking for something a little bit different than you might want to take a moment to consider 94%. This is a quiz app although with a difference. With this one, the object is to answer questions based on what you think 94% (or more) of respondents would also answer. So this one not only tests your basic knowledge, but also your knowledge of what you think other people know or would answer.


Of course, if you are reading this list and hoping to find an app which can better improve your overall knowledge of everything then closing out today's list is the one and only know-all app. Wikipedia will need little to no introduction, with the site being everyone's go-to point for everything about everything. The android app offers users the same experience and a prime point of reference to expand your general knowledge and trivia.

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