Featured: Top 10 Drink Mixing Apps For Android

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With Summer approaching, you might be thinking about all those late and lazy evening parties you will be attending or hosting. If that is the case, then it might be time to start brushing up on your drink mixing skills. With that in mind, here are ten drink mixing and cocktail recipe apps you might want to consider.

Mixology Drink Recipes

MixologyStarting today’s list is Mixology. This is one of the bigger drink mixing apps available and will certainly be one some readers will already know. Mixology offers a good choice of drink recipes as well as some additional neat features. One of those is ‘Liquor Cabinet’, which will let you input ingredients you have in your cupboard and generate a drink you could make. Good all round option.


8,500+ Drink Recipes Free

8500This app almost needs no explanation as the title kinda sells itself. This is a drinks recipe app for android and it offers a drinks list in excess of 8,500 drink options. What more do you need to know?


The Barman

BarmanThe Barman started off as a Kickstarter project and is now available in app form. As well as being able to provide you with drink recipes, this one has a very interesting angle. For the serious drink makers, you can pick up an external piece of hardware (“The Barman”), place your glass on the Barman and the app will be able to tell you when to stop pouring and other more on-hand instructions to making the perfect drink.

Cocktail Flow – Drink Recipes

CocktailFlowCocktail Flow offers a similar level of functionality to Mixology and again offers the Liquor Cabinet feature. Not to mention a large selection of recipes including the ability to search and pick by occasion. Not to mention a Shipping Assistant to help gauge the cost of ingredients for your next mixing venture.


Fun Free Bar Game : BarFriends

CocktailGameIf you are not quite ready to mix your own drinks just yet (or for those experts out there) then you might like Bar Friends. This is basically a cocktail serving game where you get points for making the correct drink for the correct “thirsty customers”.

Smoothie Recipes

SmoothieNot all mixed drinks have to be alcoholic drinks. If you are after a bit more of a lighter, healthier and non-alcoholic option then you might want to try Smoothie Recipes. This app has a good variety of smoothie drinks to choose from, not to mention detailed instructions and ingredients. Of course, for those that want a bit of a stronger option, there is nothing stopping you from putting a drop of something in there too.


DrinkAdvisor: Bars & Cocktails

Drink AdvisorDrinkAdvisor is a little different to most of the other apps on offer here. This one does offer a comprehensive list of drinks and cocktail recipes that you can make. However, this one will also provide with details of your closest bar and drink places. Just in case you want to see how it is done in person by someone else.

MSN Food & Drink – Recipes

Screenshot 2015-03-25 at 10.14.48 AMMSN Food & Drink is also a little different to most of the other options. Firstly, this one is not just a drinks recipe guide, but also will provide you with meal recipes too. This way you can find both the perfect meal and drink to have together. Secondly, this one is brought to you by the folks over at Microsoft.


Cocktail Drinks Recipes FREE!

DrinksAndCocktailsCocktail Drinks is another back to basics option and simply provides you with a very comprehensive list of drinks you can put together yourself at home. In fact, the listing claims this app has over 10,000 drinks recipes. That will surely be enough to keep you busy

Drinks Guide Cocktail Recipes

DrinksGuideClosing out today’s list is Drinks Guide and this is more of an overall drinks guide. Not only does it offer over 8,500 mix drink recipes, but also details on over 15,000 worldwide beers. This app also contains a BAC (Blood Alcohol Calculator) to see how much a certain drink my contain so that you know exactly where you are with each drink. Another great all round solution.