Featured: Top 10 Best To Do List Apps for Android

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We lead busy lives these days, and many of us involve our mobile devices in our day-to-day lives. To do list apps are great, and for a lot of us, they’re the only way we ever remember anything. Choosing the right to do app however, is not as easy as it seems. There are so many great choices out there now that it can be a minefield. Hopefully, our Top 10 list of To Do List apps for Android can help!




I’ll get things started with Todo.txt, an app that’s been around in different forms for a long time now. The idea is this; you have a file called “todo.txt” in your Dropbox and you can use whatever text editor or frontend you like for that one todo list. There are other apps on Android and Desktop platforms that will talk to your todo.txt, but this is the app to get started with, and it can help you get going. It’s great for those looking to type more than they are looking to select tags and such. If you want to mark a reminder for the new series of Game of Thrones you would write “2015-04-12 @life Game of Thrones Season 5 tonight! +GoT” and the app will do all the rest. The refreshing thing here is you can edit this with whatever platform you like and it’s refreshingly simple, here you are the master of your own todo list. This particular app hasn’t been updated in quite some time, but it still works just fine – I use it myself now.



Todoist: To-Do List, Task List



Todoist is an excellent to do list manager, no matter the platforms you’re using it with. Each app is fully featured and looks and acts the same, which is a big plus and there’s so much you can do with it. You can have Projects, Labels, Filters and the ability to schedule tasks and more. What makes Todoist so appealing though is how simple or complex you want it to be. It’s very flexible and if you want a simple to do list then this will be great, or if you need something with dates, times and many different projects, then this will work great as well.



1-3-5 To-Do – Manage tasks

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1-3-5 To-do is the app for those that simply can’t prioritize what they need to get done for the day. The concept goes that you choose one big, very important thing to do, three fairly important tasks and then five not-so-important tasks. With this approach, 1-3-5 hopes to do away with lists full of items that just give us bigger headaches. We reviewed this some time ago and while it’s not for everyone, we were impressed. If you have trouble figuring out what you need to do get through the day, and don’t want to write too much down, then give this a go.



Google Keep

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Google Keep might not be your traditional to do list app, but what’s nice about it is that it doesn’t ask questions, it doesn’t offer help, it just lets you make lists. It’s also a nice way of mixing lists with notes and the Android apps are nice and easy to use and the desktop app works on whichever other platform you might be working with, too. It’s brutally simple, it syncs great and you can easily add pictures and create quick and simple lists.






If making lists is pretty much all you’re interested in then Wunderlist is the best-looking way to do just that. You can create endless lists that are as simple or fairly complicated as you’d like. You can easily share lists with friends and it’s definitely one of the nicer-looking to do list apps available out there. It does have its ups and downs however, and syncing has often been problematic, but these issues seem to be behind them.





Any.do is a great to do list app for those looking for something simple, yet also feature-rich. It’s easy to use, it organizes everything nicely and it’s great for those working in teams. You can easily attach video, images and Dropbox files to a task as well comment on team tasks to help people out and keep things moving. It’s a great way of connecting to your team without things feeling too “worky” and the whole app looks nice, too.




2015-03-21 11.00.29


Like Material Design? Like Google’s Inbox? Then you’re going to love Swipes. The same “Snooze” and swipe-to-complete mechanics are at work here with Swipes, and the whole app is a fresh approach to to do list managers. It’s good-looking and while it’s a little rough around the edges, it’s in constant development. We reviewed Swipes recently, and found it to be a great way of organizing your day, snoozing tasks until you have the time allowing you to focus on what you need to do there and then.



TickTick – Todo & Task List


TickTick is from the creators of GTask and it’s an elegant to do list manager that syncs across your devices and has a pretty great widget setup. You can read our review of the app here, and if you’re looking for something elegant and good-looking while also full of features, then this is something you should try out.



SomTodo – Task/To-do widget


SomTodo is an app for those that plan on using all sorts of different features alongside each other. For instance, there’s a keyword search here as well as the ability to sort tasks into categories. With a PIN lock as well, SomTodo is good-looking and has a sync feature in the SomCloud, so there’s pretty much everything you could need here along with numerous extras that you might find handy.



To-Do Widget


To-Do Widget helps you easily see the next few days as well as schedule different days and times for your tasks. With an easy-to-use UI along with an overall good look and feel, there’s a lot to love about To-Do Widget. You can create repeating tasks as well as use natural language when creating a task with a time. It might not be as fully featured as others, but it’s good-looking and gets the job done.