Featured: Top 10 Best Apps To go Apartment Hunting

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Hunting for a new apartment can be a daunting task. But with the internet and now smartphones, it’s become much, much easier. You can even use Google to help find apartments in the area you want to move to. But there’s also a bunch of apps that will help you find that perfect apartment, and we’re here to talk about those apps.

Apartment Finder

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With Apartment Finder, you can find apartments that are available in your area. You can also find out exactly where that apartment is, using Google Maps from within the app. It also lists features an amenities as well as prices and floorplans. So you’ve got everything laid out right there.


Rent.com Apartments

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Similar to Apartment Finder, Rent.com will also find apartments for you and also list features, amenities and so much more. Rent.com’s app will also send you a $100 reward card after you move in. Which is pretty neat of them, probably thanks to using their app.


Lovely Rent Apartments

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Lovely claims that they have the largest list of apartments and homes that are for sale and rent. They also work with 50+ data providers, so they know they have the most up to date listing on each property that’s listed in the app, making it easier to find that dream apartment that you’ve always wanted.



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At Apartments.com, you can search for apartments in your area, as well as by price, by the number of bathrooms and bedrooms. Making it easy to find the perfect place to stay. They also show all the pictures associated with that apartment building so you can see what the place looks like, as well as floor plans.


Zillow Rentals

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Zillow Rentals is a great app for finding both apartments and homes for rent. Otherwise, Zillow Rentals as pretty much the same features as these other apps. Allowing you to see pictures of the house or apartment, floor plans, as well as amenities that come with the place. However, the UI is much easier to use than a lot of these others.


HotPads Apartments

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HotPads is actually a location based apartment search app. You can find apartments, homes for rent and homes for sale all with the same app, while a lot of these others want you to use a separate app when looking for a home.


Apartments by Apartment Guide

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Apartment Guide is a pretty popular service for looking for an apartment to move into. They have a ton of great features in the app, including share a listing. Also email the leasing office or call them straight from the app. Which always makes things more convenient.



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Trulia is another popular app for looking for a home or apartment to rent. And it is tablet optimized, which is a pretty big deal. As with most apartment hunting apps, you can see the prices as well as features and amenities and floor plans for every apartment and home that is listed.


Apartment Rentals in Canada

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Figured we’d throw this in for our friends up North in Canada. This app will find just about every apartment that’s available in Canada and tell you everything you need to know about them.


Rent Apartments & Homes – Zumper

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With Zumper, you can find the perfect apartment or condominium to rent anywhere in the US. From New York to San Francisco. It also has some pretty advanced search filters, making it easy to find something you want in your price range.