Featured: Top 10 Android Apps For Dog Lovers

Dogs AH

For those who love dogs, sometimes you just need those extra dog fixes while out and about. With that in mind, there are a number of apps available which can give you a quick dog fix while on the go. These include cute images of dogs, wallpapers and games. Not to mention, there are also a number of dog apps out there designed to better monitor your dogs whereabouts and health. To help streamline what is on offer, below are ten apps you might want to check out.

Dog Breeds

DogBreeds.jpgIf you are interested in dogs, then kicking off today’s list is an app which will help you get to know the various breeds of dogs out there. With so many different breeds, this app will help you get to know a range of them and included images of both full grown dogs as well as puppies to highlight the growth difference of each breed.

Dog Licks Screen Wallpaper

DogLicksScreen.jpgIf your love for dogs means that you are looking for a new dog based wallpaper then maybe this is the option for you. Dog Licks Screen Wallpaper is exactly that. A live wallpaper of a dog licking the screen. Not to mention you can slow down the frame rate if needed. Great option for those that need a dog fix while on the go.

Dogs Wallpaper

Dog WallpaperInterested in dog live wallpapers but want more of a choice of wallpapers to choose from? Then this app might be the one for you. Dogs Wallpaper offers a selection of different live wallpapers and all consisting of beautiful images of dogs against backgrounds including water ripples and waves. Great for those who want more of a selection of live wallpapers.

Talking Funny Dogs

Talking Funny DogsIf wallpapers are all well and good but you want more of an interactive dog app then this is the one to try. Talking Funny Dogs does include a great selection of cute dog images but has an interactional feature where the dog replies in a funny voice when the screen is touched.

My Talking Dog – Virtual Pet

TalkingDog.jpgIf you are after the ultimate interactive dog app experience than My Talking Dog is definitely the one to try. This app offers you the ability to have an always on-the-go virtual pet. You can spend the day with them and going through their daily routines. Not to mention, the app also offers a number of mini-games for you to play.

Tagg–The Pet Tracker

Tagg.jpgIf you already have a dog of your own then keeping your dog safe is paramount. With Tagg, you can permanently keep track of your dog’s’ whereabouts. Not to mention, also get a glimpse of what your dog gets up to in an average day. It should be mentioned, for this app to be fully utilized, you will need to pick up the hardware element which acts as the tracker for the dog and can be attached to their collar. Click the link below to find out more.

Dogs Jigsaw Puzzles

DogPuzzlesMoving back to cute doggie pictures, this app offers the ability to view cute dogs but in the form of a game. Dogs Jigsaw Puzzles uses various pictures of dogs and displays them in a standard puzzle formation. Great app for those who like puzzles. Once completed, your reward is a great picture of some of your favorite dog breeds.

Dog Health

DogHealth.jpgFor the dog owners out there, as well as keeping track of your dog’s whereabouts it is just as important to keep track of their health. This app will allow you to do just that. Dog Health is a health monitoring app which will allow owners to input all the data about their dog, as well as health visits dates and diagnoses. All in all, resulting in a handy health record for your family member.


Whistle.jpgIf you like the idea of the Tagg and Dog Health apps then Whistle will offer you the ability to have both features wrapped up in one app. Like Tagg, this app can be used with an aftermarket collar tracker and offering users the ability to physically track their pet. Like Dog Health, the same tracker can provide dog owners with basic health monitoring while the app will also allow users to input health information like vet visits manually. Great all round option for those looking for one.

Talking puppy

Talking PuppyLast up today, is another wallpaper app. This again is a live wallpaper offering which comes with a number of interactive elements. Some wallpaper will include cute dogs playing instruments (Photoshop only). Not to mention, other wallpapers will let you interact with the image by petting. Lastly, at night some of the live wallpapers will show the dog sleeping. Great all round live wallpaper app.