Featured: Top 10 Android Apps For Cat Lovers

Cat AH

Android app selections have grown significantly over the last few years and there is literally apps now for everything. If you are into cats, then there is no shortage of supply when it comes to cat based and themed apps. These includes simulators, games, wallpapers, sounds and even apps for your cat. To try and narrow down the selection for you, here is a quick look at ten cat based apps you should think about checking out.

Daily Kitten: virtual cat pet

cat simiulator1Kicking off today’s list is for those out there who want a more interactive cat experience. Daily Kitten is a virtual cat pet app and allows for you to more directly interact with your own virtual pet. You can feed them, talk to them and pet them. Perfect for a virtual cat on the go

Talking Tom Cat 2 Free

talking tomTalking Tom will not need much introduction to a lot of users out there. The app has reportedly been downloaded over 500 million times. With that in mind, it must be worth checking out. As the name suggests, Talking Tom is a talking cat who will actually repeat everything you say to him. However, that is not where the limit of interaction ends. This is a much more involved app offering for those looking for a cute cat based app and game.

Cat Simulator

cat simulator 2If you like cat apps then maybe you would like to try your hand at being a cat. If that is the case, then Cat Simulator has you covered. This app will allow you to simulate being a cat, explore your environment and generally get up to some much-needed cat mischief.

The Battle Cats

battle catsLooking for a more game-like game, the Battle Cats might be a better option for you. This one offers a more pencil drawn looking game where you build up your army of cats to take over the world. And don’t worry, no cats were harmed in the making of this game.

Tile puzzle – Cats

tile catIf you are looking for a softer option to kill some time then Tile Puzzle is a typical tile shifting and moving game. However, this one does revolve around cat images with some of them being just about as cute as they can get.

Cute Cats Live Wallpaper

cute catpaperSpeaking of which, if you are in the market for some new wallpapers for your android device and fancy something a bit more cat orientated then this might be the offering for you. Cute Cats is full of cat based HD wallpapers for you to choose from and set on your device.

Funny Cat Live Wallpaper

funnyLooking for wallpapers but cute is not cute enough? If that sounds right then you might want to check out these funny cat wallpapers. These should need little explaining. They are simply cats making funny faces which makes them look even cuter than cute.

Cat Caring and Makeover

cat caringThis app is for those out there who love to pretty up their pets. Cat Caring and Moreover allows you to play with and groom your cat. With this app, the idea is the prettier your cat looks the better you are doing and the cat feels.


Nyan Cat: Lost In Space

nyanOf course, one of the most famous cats in the android world is Nyan Cat. if you have yet to give this game a try then you should. This one has been downloaded a few million times and has even become a bit of a cultural icon. Definitely worth a try for any cat fan.

CAT ALONE – Cat toy

cat aloneSo far all the apps have been for you, but closing out today’s list is an app more for your cat. If you are looking for an app in which your cat can interact with, then Cat Alone is the one for you. There are a number of settings available in this one offering screens which will make the cat interact and play with. Great to keep your cat busy.